MFCS Chinese New Year Off Campus Event A Success!!!
Today MFCS, as a part of our outreaching and volunteering in our community, performed our Chinese New Year performances at 3 local schools (C. Richard Applegate Elementary, Joseph J. Catena Elementary, and Wemrock Brook) with over 1,000 students in attendance.  We had a great turnout from MFCS with students, parents and staff, a total of 49, volunteering to make the event a success. Volunteers included, the entire Folk Dance class, the Traditional Dance class, members of the YoYo class, the MFCS Dragon Team, student volunteers, as well as countless parent volunteers.   

We received a lot of praises from the schools’ administration, staff and students, for an exciting performance.  I would like to thank all the volunteers for thier continued support, enthusiasm, dedication and passion that made this event a success!!  

Below are a few highlights from the event.