Dear Parents, Teachers, Staff, and Adult Club Members

We continue to work closely with the Marlboro Middle School to align the potential reopening of MFCS with that of Marlboro Middle School.  Currently the tentative date to reopen Marlboro Middle School is scheduled for April-30.  However, based on the current ongoing spread of COVID-19 in the US, and specifically in our immediate and surrounding communities, we anticipate the date will be subject to change by Marlboro Middle School.

With regards to transitioning to our remote learning initiative during the ongoing school closure, on Saturday, March 21st, we successfully launched our online Language classes.  We have had an overwhelming response to the quality of the programs and the feedback has been very encouraging!

We had a couple of minor challenges with connectivity and teaching/learning techniques during the first sessions, as anticipated, but overall, the sessions were successful and well received.  Attendance to the online classrooms exceeded our expectations, with very few absences.  The students were actively engaged with the lessons (thank you parents), and genuinely enjoyed their new online classroom settings.  We also observed how delighted the students were to see their friends and classmates, whom they had not seen since the school closure.

In our next phase of the remote learning programs, we are now looking forward to launching remote learning for selected Culture classes.  The Culture Director has been working with our Dance, Chinese YoYo, Chinese Chess, and Calligraphy teachers to deliver remote learning Culture programs.  The Culture Director and Culture teachers of classes that will be included in the remote learning program will be reaching out to parents of students in these classes to discuss their plan to deliver remote learning for their specific classroom.  

Your patience and support is appreciated as we continue to work to make our remote learning successful.

Herbert Gordon

Principal, Monmouth Fidelity Chinese School
355 County Rd 520
Marlboro Township, NJ 07746