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10/13/2019 – 10/19/2019 Weekly Communication

Weekly Announcements 10/13/2019 – 10/19/2019

Our weekly email communications are our best source for weekly events and announcements. They are also available on the MFCS website at https://www.njmfcs.org/weekly-communication/
我們的每週通訊email 了解學校每週的活動跟公告。可以在MFCS網站上找到,網址連結 https://www.njmfcs.org/weekly-communication

Financial Seminar Presented by New World Financial Center – see Special Events section at the bottom of this email. 財務規劃講座 ,詳細內容請參考以下的郵件


  • For security reasons, we ask that parents remain behind in the cafeteria while teachers bring students to class. For those that have a special arrangement with teacher to sit in the classroom, please stop by the security desk to obtain a visitor’s badge. 提醒您:為了安全的考量,當老師帶領學生去教室時,我們要求所有的家長留在Cafeteria。如有特別的需求學生的家長,經老師同意,請到PA Desk去領取訪客識別證
  • Please arrive early to pick up your child(ren) after their Culture class dismissal at 12:15pm. We request parents and guardians arrive no later than 12:05pm. 請家長提早於12:05前,等候學生於12:15文化課下課接回家。  

Language Department

General Announcements

Cultural Department

General Announcements

For those who have signed up don’t forget we will be meeting in cafeteria upper level at 12:30pm. Bring your child creativity. Student volunteers will help out together exhibits for upcoming multicultural day 11/24. Let your child’s creativity come to life. The event will take place every week at 12:30pm to 1pm in cafeteria starting on 10/19 to 11/23. We will not meet on days school is closed.

If you have not signed up please do at

Calling all parents

Dragon team members needed for CNY event. This is a chance for parents to shine and support our wonderful annual tradition. No experience needed just willingness to try and attend practices during school time. Please stop by culture desk for more info or email njmfcsculturedir@gmail.com. Practices will start in November.

To learn more Here’s a video from prior year

PA/PTO Department

PTO Duties

To sign up for PTO Duty please select link here: https://signup.com/go/EPbzbco

家長們可按以上連結進行每週值班的登記. 即使只用手機輸入電郵地址,也可以輕鬆完成

Vendor Sale

Bohai Dumplings Town 渤海村 is coming this Saturday 10/19. They will sell frozen dumplings and baozi in the cafeteria.

Golden China Steamed Bun 金華手工包子饅頭 is coming next Saturday 10/26.
They sell home-made baozi and spring rolls. They only have a small quantity for on-site sale.
Pre-order is open until 9:00pm on 10/24.
Pls use the link https://forms.gle/sHzGBS8KKeFgCA1u8 to order.

Online Lunch Order

Online lunch catering is from: 川園 Empire Szechuan Restaurant
To order lunch online or view menu selections, go to https://forms.gle/5C1tqRnarXVw5XjY9


Donation for Halloween Party

Our Halloween party (10/26) is coming soon, will you consider giving our kids candies or small gifts to double the fun? Our volunteers might need to pack candies and/or gifts into bags prior to the party. Pls drop off your donations any time on or before 10/19. Candies, treats must be nut-free. Cash donations are also welcome. Pls stop by PA desk for donation or drop-off of gifts or candies.
THANK YOU for your contribution!

Special Events & Presentations

Financial Seminar Presented by New World Financial Center
When: Saturday Oct-19 Time: 9:30am
Where: Main Cafeteria
Cost: Free

Please join New World Financial Center financial seminar in the main cafeteria on Saturday October 19th at 9:30am. The seminar will discuss the following financial strategies:

  • How to prepare your child(ren)for a Dream College
  • How to get financial aid for your child(ren) even if your family income is over 200k
  • How to better prepare your 2019 tax
  • What is the right tax saving strategy
  • How to transfer wealth efficiently
  • How trust can help protect your family
  • Which kind of trust you need to set up as a middle class family
  • How to build a solid financial foundation for your family


  • 美国大学的财务资助系统是如何运作的?如何为孩子争取到资助 (即使您的家庭年收入 20 万以上)?
  • 如何有效地为孩子准备教育基金?
  • 如何有效地进行税务规划及合理避税?
    • 收入税
    • 赠与税
    • 遗产税
  • 作为中产家庭,为什么要建立信托及如何建立?
  • 如何规划我们的退休养老,让我们老年无忧?
  • 什么是一个家庭合理的资产配置?

如果您对上面的问题感兴趣/有困惑,欢迎参加新世界教育中心的公益讲座。 有经验的专家 Fei Yen 将和您深度分享。
讲座时间: 10 月 19日 9:30AM (星期六)
讲座地点: Cafeteria 

Upcoming Events & Competitions – October

October 26

Halloween Party

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